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The world is full of treasures; some are hidden and some are known to us, some are large and some are small, and some aren’t even tangible. Finding that something special to fit that space or need, even that special person, is a journey in itself. Yet it’s always exciting when you find the right piece.

One of the responsibilities we have is to help the preservation of cultures around the world. An easy way to do this is to utilize sustainable and unique items from local artisans from across the globe.

Original arts are far different from reproduction or posters because the resources and costs poured into making original art is intensive of time, traditions, and other resources that are often local.

Great works can be found in many places and in turn make great additions to your home, or as a special gift for close friend or relative. The companies here have been vetted and meet the highest standards for ethical business and customer service.

We are always looking to add to our collections on this page and hope you will return often to find that something new you’ve been searching for. Feel free to email us if you are in search of a truly unique item; maybe we can help you find it.

Choose from a wide variety of sustainable, fair-trade, socially responsible, and/or natural products shown here.

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